Words of the President

Words of the President

Today, digitalization has swept through all areas of the industrial sector, especially the machine building industry. Since there is no single and simple manual describing the right way to drive digital transformation, each company has to find its own way.

The main aspects of digitalization such as high flexibility, interdisciplinarity, complexity, security, fast networking, new value chains, and new business models are among the major challenges faced by businesses, especially small companies.

As MAİB, we know that shaping the digital ecosystem entails close cooperation with stakeholders from associations, unions, scientific communities and politics. Digital transformation has overruled temporary and traditional solutions and paved the way for more complex, flexible, interdisciplinary and unique approaches.

As the largest innovation engine of the Turkish economy and an important network organization of the machinery sector in Turkey, MAİB works with experts to offer ideal solutions to digital challenges. Moreover, with our members and our Germany representative office, we aim to deal more intensively with the basic issues of digitalization such as standards, research, legal issues, new business models, network infrastructure, and platforms.

We are also working with our international partners to organize special events such as trade shows, conferences, and seminars. We strongly believe that keeping up with the global digitalization trends requires close international cooperation and cross-border knowledge sharing.

This glossary will serve as a good example of our initiatives. In this work, subject matter experts with overseas experience present the definitions of significant digitalization terms in three different languages. We believe that building a common language can help us overcome the challenges created by digitization.