About MAİB

Machinery Exporters Association (MAİB), established in 2002, is the largest umbrella organization of the machinery sector in Turkey with more than 20,000 enterprises.

Turkish machinery sector has become one of the engines of the country's economy with its stable and growing development in recent years.

Turkish machinery exports accounted for 23 billion USD in 2021. The Turkish machinery sector has succeed to increase its exports by 9,6 % in 2022 and reached 25,3 billion USD. Turkish machinery sector has increased its export 14 fold since 2001. Turkish machinery exports are one of the three main pillars of Turkey's total exports, along with the textile industry and the automotive and components industry. Today, machinery exports reach over 200 countries. Here, it is worth emphasizing that almost 60 percent of our export goes to the highly competitive markets such as EU and USA.

For the success of our member companies, we as MAİB will do more. To be able to drive our successes, we see it as our first task to master the digital transformation process well. We know that strong digitalization is a process involving society as a whole, in which all participants engage in dialog in an understandable language. In particular, the right digital transformation speed of Turkish mechanical engineering will strongly influence our competitiveness and internationalization. Therefore, we are working nationally and internationally with all organizations and experts on applicable approaches to solving the challenges of digitalization.

Today, when we talk about Smart Factory, Smart Production, Smart Product, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc., we see the biggest challenges in the user area for mechanical engineering. The complexity of the task according to digitalization is not easy to master for small and medium-sized companies. Here, we see our task in standing by companies in the development of their digitalization strategy.

Turkish Machinery is working to overcome hurdles in the context of digitalization and is exploring new approaches and new solutions.

Under the name "Turkish Machinery", MAİB is trying to multiply international cooperation and accelerate cross-border activities.