About the glossary

For the fast and accurate digitalization in the whole levels of society and digital transformation in business, we need cross-company and internationally recognized unified digital terminology explanations. As MAİB, we strongly believe that understanding, explaining, terminology, applications of digital terminologies will bring us success in digital transformation.

Therefore, the working group has made every effort to ensure that the terms have been presented as meaningfully as possible, rather than literally. ICT technologies are increasingly shaping all areas of our working world and thus influencing our future. Digitalization demands a very high level of interdisciplinarity and flexibility.

It is certainly very difficult to follow and understand all the news and new digital terms. What is meant by these terms? Answers to these questions are also difficult for experts. Experts also argue among themselves about the definition of technical terms.

MAİB aims to make the most important terms in digitization understandable with this glossary. Regardless of geography, a universally valid digital "language" must be worked out to avoid misunderstandings. Certainly, the number of terms in this glossary will increase analogously to the technical progress. With your support, we will constantly expand the glossary.

Terms from open sources have been used in this glossary. We would like to thank Ms. Ömür Demir KIZILARSLAN, Mr. Mehmet Kudret CERAN and Prof. Dr. Erhan AKIN for their contributions and support in compiling this glossary.